Why is Phoron do Brasil the best partner for your company's tax management?

Phoron do Brasil is a SAP consultancy with expertise in different system specialties, from implementation or migration to the SAP S/4HANA version, AMS Support and Basis – we are prepared to assist your company with high quality. And we can say that we are specialists in the development and implementation of fiscal solutions for the financial management of businesses.

We brought all the knowledge of our headquarters, Phoron Consulting, located in Austria, to the Brazilian market, where we have been established since 2009. In this process, we noticed a great difficulty for multinational companies that want to establish roots in Brazil and national companies: the tax system in our country there are many particularities that need adapted solutions.


With this perception, we started our process of developing SAP solutions adapted to meet Brazilian needs and, at the same time, being able to be standardized according to the needs of each company.


In this path over the years, we were pioneers in the recent development of the solution for SAP DRC, and thanks to the customization and extension of Phoron do Brasil we guarantee coverage of SPED records. Our solution operates on the SAP system itself, transparent to the user and without the need for additional infrastructure.


“The Phoron do Brasil DRC team is fully committed to offering the best tools for companies to manage the tax part with a 360º view. We work daily to carry out the implementation in a faster and more productive way, always offering the maximum possible customization according to the challenges of each business”, explains Marcelo Pudenzi, general director of Phoron do Brasil.


Our solutions seek not only to offer management tools, but also to provide valuable insights that can positively add to the work routine of the entire team. Phoron do Brasil is the best partner for your company's tax management because it is prepared to meet all the tax needs of our country, with expertise of more than 10 years and is constantly updating itself.

By choosing Phoron do Brasil as a consultancy, your company will have expertise, constant maintenance and tools that provide valuable data to improve the work routine of the entire team.