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SAP Support (AMS)

Phoron do Brasil's Application Management Service (AMS) team is committed to the success of companies and motivated to go beyond just keeping SAP up and running.

AMS Support with Phoron do Brasil

Phoron do Brasil understands that technology and, more specifically, the ERP management system plays a fundamental role in supporting the strategic objectives of companies.

The challenge for the corporation is that managing the support, maintenance and evolution of an ERP management system has become increasingly complex and, for this reason, it has become financially challenging for companies to maintain an internal IT team that:


  • It is constantly updated on current and emerging solutions.
  • It is easily scalable.
  • It has high availability.
  • It acquires, manages and maintains the best tools on the market.

Outsourcing support and maintenance of SAP applications and infrastructure, as well as their evolution, is an advantageous alternative to be evaluated by companies. By adopting this strategy, they will be able to focus on their business, reducing direct and indirect costs, risks and, at the same time, receive a portfolio of services, solutions, tools and resources from a specialized consultancy.


The experience gained since 2004 in providing AMS services allows the Phoron Group to deliver to its customers the adoption of best practices, tools, techniques and procedures that will guarantee the support, maintenance and evolution of their applications and infrastructure. Below you can see some of our differentials.


  • Provision of Services by consultants who speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, with an average SAP experience of more than 10 years.
  • More than 50% of our consultants are certified by SAP, which guarantees the most appropriate solution, delivered in the shortest time, using its best practices.
  • Consultants are available in Latin America and Europe who, in addition to being familiar with the latest SAP solutions, are well versed in the specifics of localization in their respective countries and in various industry sectors.
  • Incident, problem and improvement handling processes are in line with ITIL and SAP best practices. Grupo Phoron was certified by SAP as a Partner Center of Expertise (PCOE), which confirms that we not only have the necessary knowledge of SAP solutions, but also the appropriate tools, infrastructure and processes that guarantee high quality support to our customers.
  • Our Application Management Service (AMS) service offering can be fully customized for global or local companies with different service models. You can have dedicated teams onsite or remotely, as well as shared teams with fixed monthly hour contracts or on-demand.
  • Phoron do Brasil also offers proactive services such as the Remote Service Management (RSM) that monitors the clients' SAP applications and infrastructure and the "Information Service", which has a technical team of SAP and tax consultants focused on researching, evaluating and communicating local government changes impacting your SAP system.

AMS Service Portfolio

The variety of Phoron do Brasil's Service Portfolio aims to allow customers to achieve their strategic objectives in different areas of the business.

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Check out all the products offered by Phoron do Brasil.

End-to-End AMS Approach

Our approach starts with a smooth and efficient transition of companies' SAP applications and infrastructure to our SAP AMS operational methodology, ensuring a rapid achievement of SAP system stabilization and evolution.

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Service Operating Model

Phoron do Brasil's Services Operating Model provides a consistent methodology that always puts the business value for customers in focus.

This proven model empowers our professionals to increase value delivery through:

  • Relationship management with customers and their current and emerging demands.
  • People, knowledge, performance and career management in order to support the clients' business with the best and most motivated resources.
  • Portfolio of services with different perspectives covering self-support, proactive support, reactive support and system evolution.
  • Establishing the right set of processes, resources, capabilities, partners and tools to increase value delivery.

All operational activities of our support team are based on three pillars: Value Chain, People and Customers.


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AMS Delivery Model

By choosing Phoron do Brasil as a SAP AMS partner, the company can choose between different Service Provision Models that adapt according to business needs.


Our main objective is to provide flexibility for our customers to obtain the best cost-benefit.


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Phoron do Brasil is the ideal AMS Support partner for your business!