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The FCI (Import Content Sheet) is a tax obligation for all establishments that manufacture products that have some imported content in their composition. It consists of a digital file containing relevant information on the origin of the product, as well as the so-called 'Import Coefficient'. In addition to calculating the Import Coefficient, involving sales history, import purchases and BOM, the process also involves sending the file via WEB, the return of this file with the FCI number and the due filing of this code for later use in the Invoices.


The Phoron do Brasil solution for FCI in SAP consists of a wide range of functionalities prepared to meet the different requirements of this process. Not only in legal terms, but also in functional terms, various parameterizable resources will be available, reports, programs for updating master data, functions for generating and receiving files, etc.


  • Implementation of SAP notes resulting from the FCI.
  • Settings available to the user.
  • Periodic statistical calculation for components with mixed stocks (imported / domestic).
  • Automatic selection of products subject to FCI.
  • Changing the origin of the material in the material register interactively.
  • Obtaining a list of product components through actual production notes.
  • Automatic calculation of Import Portion value based on current legislation.
  • Automatic calculation of the Total Output value based on current legislation.
  • Extract of calculated values with dynamic access to data source (original documents).
  • Generation of the FCI digital file.
  • Importation of the FCI file returned by the FCI system on the WEB.
  • Automatic reporting of the FCI number on invoices and in the XML file.
  • New Materials reports with import content without FCI.
  • Billing block option for materials subject to FCI without FCI control number.
  • Possibility of editing FCI records before generating the digital file.
  • Possibility of multiple executions during the period without affecting the records already calculated.
  • CSV file import to generate initial system loads with user defined values.
  • Customized strategy definitions for calculating the share of imports and total interstate shipments for new products.