Development of Soft Skills in the culture of Phoron do Brasil

The corporate world is constantly evolving, and as we approach 2024, the demands on professionals, especially in technology, continue to change. In addition to traditional technical skills, so-called soft skills, or interpersonal skills, are becoming increasingly crucial to stand out in the IT market.

We highlight five soft skills that we value at Phoron do Brasil and we believe that they will be increasingly necessary in our routine in 2024.


1. Effective Communication

In a scenario where teams frequently collaborate remotely and with people from different cultures, clear and concise communication is essential. At Phoron do Brasil, we recognize this importance in our projects and promote the development of this skill within our team. Our focus on ensuring that every Phoroner can express themselves effectively and understand is a fundamental part of our culture.


2. Critical Thinking

Professionals need to develop the ability to analyze problems, identify solutions and make decisions. We care about promoting an environment where everyone is encouraged to question and propose innovative solutions.


3. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and relate to the emotions and perspectives of others. We know that teams also work under pressure and face challenges, empathy is a crucial skill to maintain a healthy work environment. At Phoron do Brasil we value empathy not only among our team, but with everyone we interact with on a daily basis, promoting understanding of each person's needs and concerns.


4. Collaboration

Collaboration is key, we encourage teamwork through well-defined team structures and effective communication platforms that enable the sharing of ideas and information on an ongoing basis.


5.Time management

Time management skills demonstrate commitment and respect for one's own work and that of colleagues, as well as the possibility of achieving better quality work in less time. In our dynamic routine, in periods with large projects in which there are tasks with different degrees of importance and urgency, this ability becomes crucial to prioritize and execute activities.


At Phoron do Brasil, we are committed to helping develop these skills within our team, and we believe that the combination of technical expertise and interpersonal skills strengthens our results.


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