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SAP Manufacturing Suite (MII / MES / PCo)

Connect your entire production to your ERP system and gain insights into the efficiency and quality of your production processes at any time – from the individual machine to the worker to the finished product.

Consistent and transparent processes from the top floor to the shop floor

The SAP Manufacturing Suite connects manufacturing and business processes and connects the shop floor to the ERP system. From individual machine sensors to scanners and feedback terminals, the entire production is networked and transparently and consistently shows manufacturing processes from order approval to completion – without media interruptions in one central system.

More productivity and effectiveness through IIoT

All data on orders, materials, machine and worker efficiency, quality, down to the individual component is automatically recorded and available in real time. Based on this data, standardized, industry-relevant KPIs provide insight into the overall effectiveness of production and systems at any given time – globally and broken down by individual machine and individual order.

SAP ME Insights

SAP Manufacturing Suite Components


  • Production control and monitoring center.
  • More efficient use of workers, materials and machines and productivity in activities.
  • Reduction of rejects and defective productions and complete product traceability.
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of all relevant production information based on KPIs and sensor data.