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SAP implemented in 100 days

The PHORON 100MD methodology enables the implementation of the SAP system in companies of any size.

Phoron 100MD

Breaking paradigms

Implementing an ERP system does not have to be a traumatic or expensive project. With the experience acquired in more than 35 SAP rollouts in more than 10 years of operation in Brazil, Phoron has developed a methodology to implement SAP in record time and at low cost, without compromising the quality of our expert consultants, which is our trademark. It's the PHORON 100MD.

See the advantages of the PHORON 100MD methodology:

  • SAP implementation (ECC or SAP S/4HANA) in 100 days.
  • Closed price project.
  • Complete Cloud messaging system (NF-e, NFC-e, CT-e, MDF-e, NFS-e, CF-e) and low cost.
  • Several options of process accelerators and legal reports with our SAP Solutions.
  • Full package option from a single partner: Licenses, Hosting, Basis, Consulting and AMS SAP.
  • 100% remote project option.

SAP accessible to any company

With the PHORON 100MD methodology, national or international companies of any size can take advantage of the functions of the most renowned ERP in the market in compliance with Brazilian operations and legal requirements, in addition to having all the knowledge and experience of our highly qualified bilingual consultants.