14 years of transformation, innovation and growth

Phoron do Brasil, part of the Phoron Group based in Austria, is an SAP consulting that stands out throughout its 14-year history for its constant investment in innovation and P2P (People to People) operations, always reinforcing the importance of human relationships to achieve success.


Founded in 2009, the company has followed a path marked by challenges, consistent growth and, in the last three consecutive years, achieving Great Place to Work (GPTW) recognition.


Challenges in the Age of Transformation


The rapid pace of technological change, constantly evolving customer demands and complex Brazilian tax issues are just some of the challenges that Phoron do Brasil has faced since its inception. However, always seeing them as opportunities to innovate and grow.


One of the main highlights of Phoron do Brasil is its specialization in tax solutions. In a country with a complex tax environment like Brazil, the company's expertise in dealing with these issues is highly valued. We are proud of the work carried out over the last 14 years, delivering the best solutions that facilitate customers' routine and management.


“The success of recent years was only possible due to the commitment and dedication of our team, which we affectionately call Phoroners. We realized from the beginning the importance of people in our results, which is why we classify ourselves as a P2P (People to People) company. We continue to update ourselves according to all the technologies that appear on the market, but I am sure that the quality of human capital is our biggest differentiator”, says Marcelo Pudenzi, general director at Phoron do Brasil.

Sustainable Growth and Recognition


Steady growth is a solid indicator of any company's success. Phoron do Brasil has experienced notable expansion throughout its history. Currently, the company has around 80 employees in different regions of Brazil, from north to south, a dedicated team that plays a fundamental role in our successful journey.


We celebrate our 14 years of existence by looking to the future with confidence. The challenges of digital transformation and tax complexities will continue to shape the business landscape, but Phoron do Brasil will be ready to face them.


“We are proof that, with vision, resilience and dedication, it is possible to achieve and, more importantly, maintain success in a sustainable and constantly evolving business environment. Congratulations to Phoron do Brasil and the Phoroners for their remarkable achievements so far and for the many successes that the future promises”, concludes Pudenzi.